What information do you need from me to build my website and how do I get it to you ?

You can simply email to us  your photos, videos, text  and contact details. If you have very large files, we can guide you on how to upload them to our server.

How long will it take to build my website?

You can expect to see suggested graphics and layouts within a few days of the time we start your project.  The construction and development of your website can take as little as two days or as long as several weeks, depending on your site’s complexity and size.  For example, a few pages of descriptive content and contact information are simple to create.  On the other hand, a site incorporating Flash interactive content, a shopping cart, response forms and dozens of photos can take longer.  If the customer is operating in a corporate environment, collecting content and getting approval from all the parties involved can significantly extend the time frame of the project.

What will it cost?

Simple web sites can run as low as a few hundred dollars.  More complex site could run into the thousands.  Pricing a web design project requires understanding the size and complexity of your intended result.  We start with a free quote form that the client fills out. After looking over the sheet, we contact the client going over the possibilities of what to include, and howmuch the client will contribute in existing graphics and content.  The client sheet provides the basis for a detailed quote.

What about Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that I hear so much about?

As part of the original site production, we will provide your site with social bookmarks to enable visitors to your site to easily share and publicize each page of your site. It is highly recommended to create, in addition to your website, a Facebook fan page. We are happy design and create custom Facebook fan pages for your business in addition to (or in place of) your website.

Does the price include a domain name & hosting?

No. We can provide you with a domain name (i.e. www.your_doman_name.com) & hosting (a place on the internet for your website to reside) for an extra, very reasonable charge.

What payment options are available ?

Check, Paypal & Credit Card via Paypal.

Will I be able to make changes to the website myself?

Yes, you will.  On project completion, you will receive information on how to login to your site’s control panel and make the updates whenever and as often as you like.  If you find it more convenient, you may choose one of our site maintenance plans and have us update your site for you.  If you should decide to maintain your website after it is online and have problems with the site, there would be a charge to correct any problems you have created.

Will I be able to track visitors to my site?

Yes. We will provide you with the ability to track visitors and many other statistics about your site.

Will my website be listed on the search engines?

We will provide basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website as part of the original site production. However, if you want your website to achieve and maintain a high rank in the search engines, you will need to invest in continual SEO services which we will be happy to provide for you.

Do you have any more questions?

Contact us now!

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