Terms & Conditions

Grafix Mediaworx will start work on your website or other project once we have received all the information and pictures that you would like to be displayed on your website after you have placed your order. Please note that your domain must also be ready before we can start with your project. We will register your domain within 24 hours but it could take longer if we need to transfer your existing domain to our server.

All info (text) must be sent to us in Word format. Pictures should be in either .jpg, .gif or .png formats. Pictures and info must not be sent in PDF format. You must ensure that there are no copyright infringements on content and pictures supplied to us to use for your website, as you will be held accountable for any infringements. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that there are no copyright infringements and you indemnify Grafix Mediaworx against any claims for any copyright infringement.

Grafix Mediaworx reserves the right to suspend any account  without warning (website removed from the internet and email services placed on hold) in the event that the monthly hosting debit order failed.

Once a website has been ordered and payment received NO REFUNDS will be made. We guarantee that we will have your website up and ready within 14 working days but we can not design websites without info and without an active domain. If you fail to send your info or if your domain has not been transferred (if applicable) we cannot guarantee a 14 working day turnaround time.

Our 14 working day website completion guarantee starts ONLY once we have received all information and pictures from YOU that you would like to be displayed on your website. You will be notified as soon as we confirmed that we have all the relevant info to start designing your website to confirm that the 14 working day clock is now ticking. The 14 working days guarantee only applies for our basic website design packages. Advanced websites time frames will be stated on the quotation/invoice.

Grafix Mediaworx offers email and telephone support Sunday to Thursday (8am – 5pm).

Our  Website Packages includes BASIC static websites ONLY. Complex websites will be quoted accordingly.

Once your website has been completed any alterations or updates will be charged at 200 NIS per hour.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all our websites/hosting. Should you experience any problems with your website or emails please feel free to contact us at grafixmediaworx@gmail.com or complete the online contact form.

Updates to your website:

You may contact us with any changes or updates. Updates will be charged at 200 NIS per hour. Updates will be completed within 7 working days.

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